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Clipping Path

Clipping path is a special technique used by photo editors to delete or change shadow position, hide unwanted image elements or change the background of an image. Generally, a Photoshop Pen Tool is used to create a closed Vector Mask. It is a hard-edge vector masking technique that focuses on and separates different parts of an image such as foreground or background.

Compound Clipping Path is the same technique, but using it one can create multiple clipping paths within a clipping path, either “inclusive” (paths that include what is selected within them) or “exclusive” (paths that exclude what is selected within them) clipping paths.

This technique is ideal when you need to edit photos with round shapes like rings and other kind of jewllery. This technique can be used on photos that need detailed selection on objects or parts of photos.

Using Clipping Path technique for your business is a must, as by applying it to your product photos, you can isolate only the product in the photo and then further edit the photo to add or change the background, adjust brightness, adjust the colors as you prefer and generally you can make your photos look professional. Getting photos look professional has a direct impact in any business, as the photos that present products in a professional way, tend to get more clicks and so to bring more people to the sales funel, and eventually to more sales.
Providing professional photos to your audiences, not only you make your visitors have a better experience, but you also increase the quality of your own business as an intentity.

When Clipping Path Is Needed?

Clipping Path technique can actually be applied to any photo, and is a very useful technique when you do business that require professional photos and appropriate presentation of products. So if you are involved in e commerce or you do sell anything through your websites, clipping path technique will help you create great photos for your products and site.
To make great listings you need great photos and by applying for clipping path service, you will be able to get your photos look professional and focused on what matters on your photos. You will be able to remove or change the backgrounds of your photos, provide photos that show only the product you want to show, and further edit your photos to add any other effect of your liking or of the need of the purpose you want ot use it for.
While providing great photos is always the best option, when doing business that require photos of products or other objects that are for sale, professional photos are a MUST, period. When for example you sell through your eshop, you should always try to provide clear photos that show your products in a professional way. You shouldn`t leave unwanted and distracting backgrounds on your product photos that “hide” the product and make viewers go away. Instead, with clipping path technique, you can have your product be the only object in the photo, and never worry about distractions. Further more by providing more than one photos of your product will help you give more details and information about it to your viewers, making a higher percentage of them taking further actions to buy your products.
Professional photos are an important factor to succeed and always should be your option, and clipping path can give you the photos you need to make your business successful. – Clipping Path Service

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